Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization

Just What Is A Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization Expert?

Social media marketing is an umbrella term referring to a type of marketing that revolves around one or more social media websites. There’s no denying the power that social media has in today’s world, as many of the most visited websites in the world belong to the social side of things. While Facebook and Twitter might be the most known, the truth is there are literally hundreds of different options out there.

Facebook Advertising
There’s no question the big gorilla in the room when it comes to social media is Facebook. With over one billion users, they are by far and away one of the largest sites in the world. Outside of search engines, no one gets more traffic than Facebook and they offer plenty of ads that can appear as sponsored stories in the general news feed or actual picture ads.

With so many potential customers in one place, no marketing campaign is going to be complete without Facebook at the center of it.

Sponsored Tweets
Twitter is another way to reach a huge audience with social media marketing, especially if you can get a campaign with sponsored Tweets from a major authority account. If someone has a million followers and gives you a full shout out, that can lead to some really big things. In fact, there are some companies who focus most of their social media campaigns on these.

Other Social Media Campaigns
There are many other social media websites where you can drive traffic. This can include making killer infographics on Pinterest or Instagram that can then be shared on other social media websites and can be designed to go viral. This is how awesome traffic from one social media website, when done right, can even go viral and be shared in many other places, as well.

Adding a Pinterest social media campaign together with Facebook and Twitter can create an extremely effective total online advertising and marketing push that can be stunningly effective.

In Conclusion
When it comes to social media marketing, there are many different directions a company can take and here is a good example of a site that does well with it While many will have a preferred social media outlet, the majority of the most successful overall campaigns will combine advertising with multiple websites together. More advertising, more marketing, a bigger combination of traffic sources and that means better results.

Social media marketing offers many opportunities and it can be very fun – making it a great combination.

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